About us.



Since opening its doors in September 2014, Moulin has been delighting guests with its authentic French foods and culture.

From the moment you step inside, Moulin transports you to France with the smell of fresh, artisan breads, the sight of fresh chickens turning in the rotissoire and the sound of people speaking French.

If you are French, the Croque Madame tastes just like you remember from your childhood. If you have visited France on vacation, then the touch of cream on your lips after enjoying a delicate pastry will remind you of the one you enjoyed at that little café near your hotel in Paris

Not just an experience.

Moulin is more that just an experience, it is also the result of a lifelong dream. Born and raised in Montmartre, Paris, Laurent created Moulin out of love for the bistro culture that he missed every day since moving to California in the 1980's.

After a 30-year career in the action sports industry, Laurent decided to finally create his own bistro just like those he spent time in as a child.


But most of all, Moulin is about creating a lovely and inviting place for anyone who wants to enjoy a slice of France in the middle of Orange County.

To you we say :

Bienvenue dans notre maison.